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Update: Cleio Maps 1.0.6

We just updated Cleio Maps to 1.0.6
In this minor update, we added some essential features that we felt were lacking, and fixed a few bugs.

New things in this version

  • Two new map styles added: Hard Edges + Just Retro
  • You can now filter in/out categories in the Map Generator
  • You can now find Country Pages in the WordPress search engine
  • You can now override the Country and Country List templates in your own templates (see Documentation)
  • Google Geocoding API update

Bug fixes

  • Cleio Framework: Travel Plans & Where have you been tables now refresh correctly, a glitch on the input of some locations and dates has been fixed
  • Map Generator shortcode: You can now use both attributes “cluster” and “clusterer” to display clusters on your maps.
  • User generated maps now correctly appear where the shortcode has been placed and not at the top of the page
  • Country template: a redundant link on the thumbnail has been disabled

Update: Cleio Reviews 1.1

We just released a new version of Cleio Reviews.
We added some essential features that will make it more user-friendly!

  • New in Review Lists: You can now reorganize/sort your reviews
  • New in Review Lists: You can now add text blocks in between your reviews, and sort them as you wish
  • New in Reviews and Review Lists: You can now create editable templates in your own WordPress theme
  • New in Review Lists: The text editor now allows you to edit the code of your text fields
  • New in Review Lists: The text editor now allows you to add additional media (photos, etc.) in the text fields
  • Bug fix (Review Lists): If you don’t geolocate a review, the blank map will not appear anymore

Discover Cleio Reviews’ features

Cleio&Co relaunch: two new themes (one is free!)

We just relaunched with a brand new design, much more organized entries and user-friendly. We also added two new products: a premium theme, and a free theme, compatible with Cleio Maps. And last but not least, we are getting ready to launch our awesome affiliation program!

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