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A Cleio case study: Vie Nomade

Want to see a travel blog using Cleio in action? Here’s Vie Nomade!
This french travel blog has been out there since 2008 and it was high time for a little refresh.

Vie Nomade blog, using Cleio

Vie Nomade blog, using Cleio

Caring for one’s image

If your blogging strategy involves plans for partnerships with brands or work opportunities, you probably know that one’s image does a lot. An interactive and visually appealing website makes viewers stay longer, click on more items and also gives credibility to its author: it shows that he has invested time in the communication of his business.

Since its redesign, Vie Nomade unique visitors per day doubled. And what’s more interesting is that the ratio of views per visitor went up as well (2.6 to 3.6). The amount of time spent on the website went from an average of 2.30min to 4min.