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Cleio Plugin launch!

This has been a long-awaited date, and the result of a year of fantastic efforts… Here we are! Proudly introducing our travel blogging plugin to you: Cleio!

We believe “plugin” is a diminutive, because we put all our efforts into making it a does-it-all travel blogging machine, with a sturdy framework and an endless list of features to help you take it to the next level without hassle. It’s an experience!

Here are some of the most notable features:

  • Gorgeous and flexible maps to let your readers know where you are and where you have been
  • Geolocate all your posts and pages
  • Reviews and Address Lists
  • Customizable country pages and country navigation
  • Home features with a twist: responsive sliders, videos and sticky posts
  • A collection of nifty widgets and shortcodes
  • One click updates

Cleio + WorldCitizen

And… it wouldn’t have been us if we didn’t include eye-candy with the package, that’s why we created the WorldCitizen Theme and its 5 color schemes to get you started (responsive, of course).

WorldCitizen product page

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