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Whenever you geolocate content on your website, it is obviously always related to a country.
A customizable Country Page will be automatically created, as well as a Country List Page and a Country Navigation.

Country List Page

Upon Cleio Maps installation, a Country List Page will be automatically created.
You can customize its appearance in Cleio Settings.

Customizing a Country Page

Find existing Country Pages in the new Countries navigation tab of your WordPress website.

Customizing Country Pages and the Country List Page

In Cleio Settings, you will find options to customize the appearance of Country Pages and Country List Pages.

Country List Widget

The Country List Widget works just like WordPress Categories widget.
Display your Countries as a list, or as a dropdown menu in any of the widgetized areas of your website.

Countries Widget

Country List Shortcode

If you would like to display a Country List elsewhere, on another Page/Post of your choice, you can use the following shortcode:


There’s a paramater to hide the post count if you don’t want to show that:

[countrylist displaycount=0]

Advanced: Display the location of a post in your templates

Use the following functions (find parameters and informations in Cleio Maps Codex)

Advanced: Customizing Country Page and Country List appearance

Please use your own CSS theme files. If you modify the core Cleio Maps files, they will be overriden when you update the plugin, and you will lose any modification.

List of useful CSS classes/IDs