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Geolocating content

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Geolocating your content will allow it to be pinned on maps throughout your website. It will also assign it to a specific Country.
Any type of content can be geolocated (posts, pages, or other user created Post Types).

When you edit a post, type the name of the city, area, bar or country of your wish in the Geolocation field, as shown below.
You will be suggested with a list of the most relevant places. Update your post, and it’s done!

Geolocation Field

Mini-maps on Posts and Pages

To add a mini map of your WordPress Post or Page location, you will have to edit your templates by pasting the following function where you want it to appear:

<?php CleioMaps_Helpers::getPostMap(); ?>

By default, the mini-maps will be activated in any Post or Page that had been previously geolocated. But you can individually deactivate the mini-map on each content item by ticking the following box.

Geolocation Field

If you prefer to place the mini-map in your post content, you can also ignore the previous function and use this shortcode instead:

[cleiomaps minimap="1"]