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You can either use our default pin set, or upload your own pin set.

Using the default pin set

Cleio Maps default pin set is in SVG format, which allows for color customization.
We included a color picker to make it easier, but you can as well paste any hexadecimal color code.

Using your own pin set

Steps to follow to use your own pin set:

  1. Make sure you created and properly named all the necessary (13) pins PNG format, with the following identical name of pins:
    pin.png, pin-reviews.png, pin-single-review.png, pin-post.png, pin-country.png, pin-page.png, pin-photo.png, pin-plus.png, m1.png, m2.png, m3.png, m4.png, m5.png
  2. Upload the pins in your theme folder, in a new folder named x
  3. In Cleio Settings, check the corresponding option and save.

Cleio Maps pin sets