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  1. A self-hosted WordPress website, with WordPress minimum requirements met
    (unfortunately, Cleio doesn’t work on hosted websites)
  2. A PHP version greater than 5.3
    If you’re not sure, check your hosting specifications or contact your hosting team (you could also ask them for an upgrade if necessary).
  3. A Google API key
    (this requires to have your own Google Account, but you probably already have one if you’re using Gmail, Youtube or other Google services)
    Read our Installation & Google API Key Documentation if you don’t know how to get one
    Be aware of limitations: GoogleMaps has a limit of usage: 25’000 map loadings per day. If your traffic is huge, you may have to purchase one of their plans. More on Google Usage Limits. If you’re worried about this, you can still use OpenStreetMaps, it has no limitations.
  4. The cURL PHP extension must be activated on your hosting
    (it usually is by default, otherwise your host should be able to activate it)