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Customizing fonts

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You can make the most out of your titles and fonts thanks to our integration of GoogleFonts and basic (lighter!) web-safe font-families. Browse:
Appearance > WorldCitizen Settings > Fonts

Default values

We added the default values we thought would fit the best with our theme, but you’re welcome to customize them as per your wishes!

Google Fonts

To use this service, you must have previously activated the Web Fonts Developer API key.
More about this in our Google API Keys documentation

We included absolutely every available Google Font and all of its variants.
If you want to browse a list and make your pick, head over there!

Important recommendation: You should not use more than two different types (2 different fonts, or 2 different variants of the same font) of Google Fonts in your pages, because they impact the page load. You can however use the same ones for various item, because they are loaded just once.

WorldCitizen Fonts

Web-safe families

We included a list of web font families that are safe and are available in most browsers and operating systems (lightweight).

WorldCitizen Fonts