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Visual Shortcodes

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Shortcodes are shortcuts that allow you to embed files or informations in your post content.
For more information, and for available default WordPress shortcodes, check out WordPress Support

Cleio Maps, Reviews & ToolBox

For informations about shortcodes related to these plugins, please check their own Documentation.


Surround the text you want to display in the button.
Replace the link attribute with your own link. Example:

[button link=””]Click here for action![/button]

To obtain a different color, add the attribute variation. Here’s an example:

[button link=”” variation=”cleio-button-blue”]Click here for action![/button]

There are 6 variations:

If you don’t use the variation, the default style (light green) will show.



Display text in a different amount of columns (2, 3, 4, 5).
Surround your text like in the following example:

[2columns]Nullam nisi mauris, malesuada quis molestie non, sollicitudin nec arcu. Morbi a purus urna. Pellentesque quis nulla imperdiet tellus tincidunt tempor eget sit amet eros. Nullam et risus pellentesque dolor placerat ornare et vitae magna. Quisque aliquet diam non felis posuere tempus.[/2columns]

The column shortcodes are [2columns], [3columns], [4columns], [5columns].



Display alerts, in various colors.
Surround the text you want to display in the button. Example:

[alertred]Warning! You’re about to view something really weird…[/alertred]

There are five colors: [alertgreen], [alertyellow], [alertgrey], [alertblue] and [alertred].