Frequently Asked Questions

We hope you will find a reply to your general questions here, and for all the other questions in the support section. If not, please feel free to drop us a message! Can I use Cleio plugins on my account? Are there any requirements in order to use Cleio? […]

Sources & Credits

We’re extremely thankful to the following to those that made Cleio Maps possible! Here is a list of ressouces used for our products. Development, libraries, APIs Leaflet Javascript library Google Maps API OpenStreetMap API Google Maps Marker Clusterer and Leaflet Marker Clusterer jQuery libraries (already implemented in WordPress) fitVids (responsive videos) Magnific Popup JS […]

Creating a Contact Form with our themes

To display a contact form (or any other kind of form), we use and recommend the free plugin Contact Form 7. To install it from your WordPress back-end, go to Plugins > Add New, then type Contact Form 7 in the search field. Once the search performed, click on the […]

Shortcodes in WorldCitizen

Shortcodes are shortcuts that allow you to embed files or informations in your post content. For more information, and for available default WordPress shortcodes, check out WordPress Support. Buttons Surround the text you want to display in the button. Replace the link attribute with your own link. Example: [button link=””]Click […]

Using the Big Map template (full width)

The Big Map Templates allows you to style any WordPress page full-width, with a… big map. In order to assign it to your WordPress Page, under your page edition panel, find the Page Attributes and select Big Map Template: Customizing the template If you would like to edit this template, […]

Images, thumbnails and placeholders

Image sizes WorldCitizen offers several functions that require wide Featured Images in order to look good, such as the Slideshow and the Sticky Post. Generally speaking, it is recommended that you upload wide, qualitative images (suggested: at least 960px wide, if you want to go full width). The Slideshow and the Sticky […]

WorldCitizen Settings Walkthrough

You can find WorldCitizen settings under the Appearance WordPress menu. Header If you prefer to have a logo instead of a type title. Footer To modify the small text at the very bottom of the theme (such as copyright, mentions, etc.) Fonts To define the fonts that will be used througout […]

Installing our themes

1. Downloading Connect to your personal account and download your theme. Special note for WorldCitizen theme You will also have to download the Child Themes. For Child Themes to properly function, WorldCitizen Base Theme must at all times exist in your WordPress theme directory. 2. Uploading Connect to your WordPress website and […]

The social media widgets

Through Cleio ToolBox Settings, connect to your networks and register the personal data (such as email) that you would like to further display on your website. Feel free to let any irrelevant field empty! Social Widget Make sure you added information in the framework as explained above The added data will […]

Using the Bio Widget

Profile Picture Choose wether to upload a portrait or not. When you choose to upload one, you can either upload a file from your computer (through the regular WordPress Media Library) or pick your WordPress user avatar, which can be defined in the WordPress Users settings. If you’re familiar with Gravatar, your […]