Cleio Maps Settings Walktrough

The Global Settings can be found in the WordPress menu Cleio > Cleio Maps.

Global Settings

If you have followed our guided Installation Process, your account information and the Google API key should already be set up. If they are not, please be sure you follow our Installation Process.

GoogleMaps or OpenStreetMap?

For more versatility and geolocation adequacy, we decided to use both GoogleMaps and OpenStreetMap.

There is little difference in choosing one service over the other, and most of it is transparent for you and the end user.
However, there are a few exceptions:

  • The available map styles will differ. You may have to choose one service over an other if your priority is the appearance of your maps.
  • Leaflet, the OSM library, is more convenient/lightweight when it comes to mobile design.
  • GoogleMaps has a limit of usage: 25’000 map loadings per day. If your traffic is huge, you may have to purchase one of their plans. More on Google Usage Limits

Geolocation Helper

This menu will only appear if you already have existing content on your WordPress website.
Please refer to our Geolocation Helper Documentation in order to know more about it.

Map Generator

From here, you can generate custom interactive maps of your geolocated content.
Once happy with your settings, copy/paste the generated code in any WordPress post type.

Post Maps

A Post Map is an optional map that displays the geolocation of your current post (if any).
If you are using your own theme, these maps will not be displayed by default: you will either have

  • to paste a shortcode into your WordPress post
  • to paste a function into your WordPress template

Check our our Post Maps Documentation for instructions.

Country List

The Country List is an auto generated page that lists all the existing countries on your WordPress website (only if they have content).

In this menu, you can:

  • customize the appearance of the Countries Map
  • decide of a sorting order for your Countries
  • decide of the number of Countries to display per page (navigation)
  • customize the appearance of the Countries List (thumbnails, or simple list)

Country Pages

Each time that you geolocalize one of your WordPress posts, the corresponding Country Page is automatically created. To know more about how to customize them, check our Country Pages Documentation.

In this menu, you can customize the appearance of the map that appears on each Country Page and decide of the number of posts to display per Country Page (navigation).

Where have you been?

This menu lists all the places you have ever geolocated on your WordPress website, be it content (posts, pages, etc) or check-ins through your dashboard Where I am widget.

You can here check-in additional places you have been to in order to display them on your custom maps.

Travel Plans

You can here add your future travel plans. This will allow the Where I am widget to automatically update its location in real time, but also to display all your future plans automatically on any WordPress post, by copy/pasting a simple shortcode.

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