Customizing Country Page and Country List appearance

Please use your own CSS theme files (in a Child Theme for instance). If you modify the core Cleio Maps files, they will be overriden when you update the plugin, and you will lose any modification done.

List of useful CSS classes/IDs

  • div#cleio-country-intro => (Country Page) contains country thumbnail + country description
  • div#cleio-country-map => (Country Page) Contains country map
  • div#cleio-country-content => (Country Page) Contains the loops of articles pertaining to a country
  • p.cleio-meta-data => (Country Page) Contains meta data such as country, city, author, date…
  • div.cleio-navigation => (Both) Conditional page navigation
  • div#cleio-countrylist-map => (Country List) Contains the contry list map
  • ul#cleio-countrylist-content => (Country List) Contains the loop of countries
  • li.cleio-country => un pays dans la liste des pays => (Country List) Contains each country

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