Adding custom maps into templates

In Cleio Settings you will find a Map Generator, this will help you generate a shortcode for your maps. You will then be able to copy/paste this shortcode in any WordPress post or page. If you prefer to integrate them into your templates, you could do so.

Use the following function:

<?php CleioMaps_Helpers::getMap( $args ); ?>


  • pinscolor | use hexadecimal number, for example #000000
  • map | use “Name of the Map” (see the available map styles)
  • zoom | use integer
  • width | use integer + measurement unit (px | %), for example 100% or 350px
  • height | use integer + measurement unit (px | %), for example 100% or 350px
  • exclude | posts, pages, check-ins, countries (additional content types may apply if you’re using other plugins)
  • maxmarkers | use integer
  • priorto | use date format dd-mm-yyyy


<?php CleioMaps_Helpers::getMap( array( "pins"=>"cleio-pins", "pinscolor"=>"#000000", "map"=>"Pale Dawn") ); ?>


$args = array( "pin"s=>"cleio-pins", "pinscolor"=>"#000000", "map"=>"Pale Dawn");
CleioMaps_Helpers::getMap( $args );

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