What is the difference between Reviews and Review Lists?


A Review is like a regular WordPress post, but:

  • it has rating options and icons
  • it displays the physical (clickable) GoogleMaps address and a map of the place reviewed

Single Review is perfect if you want, for example, to write a one page review of an hotel or a restaurant.

You can configure the appearance of the map in Cleio Settings.

Cleio Reviews - Single Review

Review Lists

A Review List is a compilation of reviews. It is perfect, for example, if you want to create a list of suggested place to visit (for example: My 10 favorite restaurants in Barcelona).

A global and interactive map will be automatically generated for all the reviews listed on your page (providing you geolocated each one of them). You can create as many reviews as you want.

For each review created in your Review List, you will be able to:

  • geolocate it and show a map of its exact location (clickable towards GoogleMaps)
  • rate every review and display this rating with icons
  • set up a thumbnail
  • set up a gallery of images

You can also add text blocs in between your reviews if you need to sort them more precisely, an there is also a footer box at the end of your list for additional content, may it be needed.

You can configure the map appearance in Cleio Settings.

Cleio Reviews - Review List

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