Creating a map of all the places you’ve been to

The idea behind Where have you been? is to create a beautiful interactive map of all the places you have ever been to.

In the Where have you been? control panel (Cleio Settings), you will find a comprehensive list of all theses places:

  • Cleio analyzes every post and page (using the geolocation field) to identify any existing place you may have written about
  • Cleio memorizes every check-in you’ve made through the dashboard application Where I am
  • You can manually add cities and countries
  • You can choose not to display any of those places on the map by clicking on the green button

Where I've Been Panel

Creating the map

You can use the Map Generator (found in Cleio Settings) and include it in any WordPress content with a shortcode. If you would rather to add it to a specific template, follow our Advanced Documentation on how to add maps into templates.

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