Using the “Where I am” dashboard app and widget

The “Where I am” widget lets your readers know at all times where you’re at. It is separated in 2 applications:

  1. Dashboard: As soon as you open your WordPress back-end, update/check-in your current location
  2. Widget: Showcase what your current location is!

Note: Whenever you add a new location/check-in through the Dashboard, it is stored into the Where have you been control panel, in Cleio Settings. No need to add this location in the future!

Check-ins that are not linked to any WordPress content yet can appear on any map you created, if you check the related option in the Cleio / Map Generator Settings.

Where I am Dashboard

“Where I am” Widget

Showcase your latest location update/check-in.

  • Choose how to display your location name: City+Country, City only or Country only.
  • Choose wether to display the map and the coordinates
  • Choose your map style! Original Google styles included, plus a few special ones…

Where I am Widget

Where I am Widget

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