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Image sizes

WorldCitizen offers several functions that require wide Featured Images in order to look good, such as the Slideshow and the Sticky Post. Generally speaking, it is recommended that you upload wide, qualitative images (suggested: at least 960px wide, if you want to go full width).

The Slideshow and the Sticky Post also require you to set a specific image size in order for everything to look nice and aligned. Although, everything is responsive and we already input sturdy default values, so you shouldn’t worry too much about it.

If you already have existing thumbnails…

You may have to run the Thumbnail Resizer in order to reset the thumbnail sizes through your whole website by visiting Appearance > WorldCitizen Settings > Thumbnail Resizer

This will automatically give the correct and preset WorldCitizen dimensions to your images.

Thumbnail Resizer

Advanced: Overwriting assets

In case you would like to change the appearance of icons or items related to Cleio plugins, read the corresponding codex, see our Overwriting Assets Documentation.

For example…

  • Uploading custom controls for the Slideshow
  • Uploading a custom placeholder
  • Cleio Maps: Uploading a custom pin set
  • Cleio Reviews: Uploading custom rating icons

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