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This plugin has been released on April 2013.
Latest version: 1.2.0 - View changelog


Bucket Lists are a great way to keep focussed on what really matters in life: fun, experience and personal growth. They are thought to bring us positive impact, and they may slightly change the way we live... for the better!

Bucket List for WordPress is an elegant and practical tool. We wish you much fun organizing your wishes!

  • Create as many goal categories and goals as you wish and smoothly organize, reorder and edit categories/goals without reloading, through an user-friendly interface
  • Mark a goal as achieved, and automatically register and display the date
  • Link an achieved goal to an existing Post/Page in your blog
  • Paste your Bucket List in any Post/Page using the [bucketlist] shortcode. You can also filter categories in and out, post only one category per page, etc.
  • We also included a Bucket List widget, that lets you display your latest achievements (custom amount), and redirect readers to your main Bucket List page. With various options (display/filter categories and dates)


See a live example on Vie Nomade

Bucket List plugin for WordPress