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Beautiful maps and geolocation Beautiful maps and geolocation Beautiful maps and geolocation Beautiful maps and geolocation Beautiful maps and geolocation

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This plugin has been released on September 2013.
Latest version: 1.0.9 - View changelog

Maps and geolocation

Beautiful maps and geolocation
  • Geolocate your WordPress content through one single line (country, city, village, or even a precise address like a bar, or a building)
  • A (growing) selection of customizable, filterable and beautiful maps, where your users can browse all your previously written content, or discover all the places you've been.
  • Customize your maps? Choose skin, pin set, width and height, zoom, content filters and more.
  • A list of shortcodes and functions to enrich your templates, for example displaying a specific post locaio, country, city, map and more.
  • Got lots of content already? Don't worry about it! Easily geolocate it in batches with our Geolocation Helper.
We recommend checking out our Requirements Documentation before you buy!


  • When you geolocate content, a corresponding Country Page is automatically created that will gather all the future content related to it. It's like categories... but with maps.
  • Country Summary: a page that is also automatically created, and that lists all the Country Pages ever created.
  • Customizable and beautiful maps for the Country Pages and Countries Summary. Customizable Country Pages: thumbnail, description and map style.
  • Display your country list anywhere through a widget, a shortcode or a navigation menu

Widgets and shortcodes

  • Schedule your future travels or update in real-time your current location through the WordPress Dashboard
  • Display where you are and where you are going through on a customizable widget, with optional map data, longitude, latitude, etc.

Integrates beautifully

  • Have no time, no design skills or simply want to keep things simple?
    That's why we built Cleio friendly themes. Visit our (growing!) collection of themes and make your pick: everything guaranteed to work and display beautifully in just a few clicks! We also offer a free Cleio Base Theme with all the essentials if you want to keep your budget low.
  • Want to keep your own theme and have some design skills?
    Can do! Integrate our functions right into your theme, with the help of our documentation.
  • Want to keep your own theme, have no design skills and have some budget?
    You could hire a WordPress designer to seamlessly integrate our maps in your theme. Or you could also hire our team!

It's time to make your travel website travel-friendly :)

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Under the cover

Sleek and user-friendly framework
  • Powerful combination of GoogleMaps, OpenStreetMap and GeoData to allow for 99% chances of finding a precise address, including if you are using foreign characters
  • Easy and documented step-by-step installation
  • Sleek and user-friendly framework for you to tweak easily every option that comes with maps
  • Enhanced WordPress search engine: to let you able to search through our new city and country tags and functions
  • Use of clusters (grouping pins) to enhance navigation on maps with a lot of content
  • Complete and evolving user documentation, commented code and codex for developers.
  • Support for translation (.po/.mo files), with English and French available (and WPML compatible!)
  • One-click updates through your WordPress back-end, and easy back-up of geolocation, through WordPress back-up tool.

It's time to make your travel website travel-friendly :)

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