Interactive and customizable review lists
with ratings, galleries, and geolocation features.

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This plugin has been released on September 2013.
Latest version: 1.1.1 - View changelog


  • Post type for Review Lists (with corresponding map marker)
  • Post type for single Reviews (with corresponding map marker)
  • Lightweight JS interface to smoothly manage Review Lists
  • Adds as many venues as wanted in a Review List
  • Customizable map of all the venues for a Review List
  • Pricing, Atmosphere, Service and Taste rating system
  • Displays venue address, with a link to the precise location on Google Maps
  • Displays venue location on a customizable mini-map

Integrates beautifully

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Make your reviews easy to manage and visually appealing

buy Cleio Reviews

Make your reviews easy to manage and visually appealing

buy Cleio Reviews