Frequently Asked Questions

Thank you for browsing our list of Frequently Asked Questions!
We hope you will find a reply to your general questions here, and for all the other questions in the support section.
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Can I use Cleio plugins on my account?

Unfortunately, not. You will need a self-hosted WordPress installation in order to use Cleio plugins.

Are there any requirements in order to use Cleio Maps?

Yes, a few! Check out our Requirements page.

What will happen when I reach the end of my 1 year of support and updates?

Our licenses allow for 1 year of support and updates. Once that year is over, you will have 1 month to renew your licenses at a 50% rate of your purchase price. After the 1 month period is passed, if you would like to get access to support and updates again, you will have to renew your license at its full price.

If you decide not to renew your license, you can still use our products, but you will not have access anymore to any update and will not be able to file any support request.

Can I remove your copyright notice from the theme footer?

Of course! However, if you decide to let it be, we’d feel grateful forever :)
You will be able to modify it through the framework.

Will Cleio plugins look good with my custom or third party theme?

We can’t guarantee that and we can’t offer support on third party theme. We did our best to use a lightweight and straight-forward code, but we can’t vouch for somebody else’s work.

Unless you have some experience in theming, or that you can hire a technical person to help you, we recommend sticking to our themes. They are optimized for Cleio plugins and will properly display everything.

Don’t have any technical contact? Our technicians can help you as well: ask for an estimate.

Can I use Cleio plugins for my client’s project?

Yes, you can! Just keep in mind that one license key is valid for one website, but you can buy as many as you want.

How do I update Cleio plugins to the latest version?

It’s super easy! Cleio plugins can be upgraded just like any other WordPress plugin. Once a new update is made available, you are notified through your Wordüress administration. Just follow the instructions.

How do I translate Cleio plugins into another language?

Visit our Translations page for more informations.

Which version of WordPress is Cleio compatible with?

3.5+ and we will keep it updated for any further WordPress release, of course!